Frameline Announces New Director of Distribution & Educational Programming, Daniel Moretti

Sep 28, 2017

Daniel Moretti, Frameline's new Director of Distribution and Educational Programming
Mural Artist: Crystal Vielula

Frameline is thrilled to announce the hiring of Daniel Moretti as our new Director of Distribution & Educational Programming. Daniel brings experience from multiple organizations including Independent Television Service (ITVS), Active Voice Lab, and Global Film Initiative.

We chat with Daniel about his history with Frameline, experiences in the film industry, and where he sees our Distribution & Educational Programming growing in the future.

FL: Daniel, we are so happy to have you join our Frameline family! Tell us a little about your experiences with Frameline leading up to this point. 

DM: Frameline holds a special place in my heart, as queer cinema has had such an influence on my life. When I was younger and not yet out, queer cinema connected me to the LGBTQ community that I so desperately yearned to be part of. Every year I love attending the Festival, whether as an attendee or volunteer.

At ITVS, I collaborated with Frameline as they helped support community events I produced. ITVS also co-presented a few screenings at the Festival. Every person I interacted with at Frameline had such charm, warmth, and professionalism that it made me love the organization even more, and I couldn't be happier to join the team.

FL: Speaking of ITVS and your ongoing career, how have those experiences shaped your role with Frameline and passion for the queer community? 

DM: At the heart of my education and all these positions is film and social change, which I'm ecstatic to continue to focus on at Frameline. I draw upon my graduate studies in Gender, Media, and Culture at the London School of Economics where my thesis focused on queer film festival audience studies, working with Fringe!, a local festival. My experience at the Global Film Initiative made me develop a deep appreciation for multicultural perspectives and helps bring a transnational lens to my work. Active Voice is where I really sank my teeth into the strategy of leveraging films for social change through distribution, impact campaigns, and audience engagement. Most recently at ITVS, I gained a deeper understanding of the roles of public media, broadcasts, and community building in a film's journey. Joining Frameline feels like a natural trajectory in my career.

FL: After spending time in the Philippines, Los Angeles, and London, what attracted you to the Bay Area?

DM: I'm actually a Bay Area native, and grew up in San Jose. I still love to travel and experience new places, but it felt great to return home and be close to family again. I love the entrepreneurial energy and multiculturalism of the Bay Area, and the quirkiness of San Francisco in particular. The film and LGBTQ communities feel fairly tight-knit here, which is something I value.

FL: When exploring films for Frameline Distribution, what elements stand out to you and how do those fit in with Frameline's overall mission of changing the world through the power of queer cinema?

DM: Frameline Distribution plays a unique role in the field by connecting audiences with stories that represent the diversity of LGBTQ experiences. I'm particularly excited about films that highlight voices of underserved and underrepresented communities, especially since we work heavily in the educational market and help create opportunities for these stories to contribute to narratives of history, cultural, and knowledge production. I also love that our catalogue has a mix of seminal films from the archives and present day films, shorts and features, documentaries and narratives, and everything in between!

FL: Youth in Motion has made phenomenal strides, now appearing in all US states (yay!). Where do you see the program potentially growing and evolving? 

DM: I'm inspired by how my predecessor, Alexis Whitham, and Youth in Motion Program Coordinator, Taylor Hodges, have really shaped and grown the program from a state-based to national initiative. Frameline's mission is at the core of all its work, and with Youth in Motion, you can really feel it come to life. I look forward to working with the team to assess how we can continue to collaborate with new schools and GSAs, develop strategic partnerships within education and LGBTQ communities, and share more stories with the world about the powerful impact this program is having on students, educators, and the community.

FL: We've seen some VERY fashionable looks on you at past Festivals. What are your must-have items and what do you love most about fashion?

DM: *blushes* ... I've always been drawn to fashion because I see it as an outlet for creative expression. I also love the way a particular outfit can change my entire mood. I like to have a handful of pieces that I know will make me feel upbeat if I wear them, some favorites include a shiny gold jacket, lace shirts, red velvet shoes, collar tips of any kind, a feather bow tie... I think you get the idea! I'm also oddly attracted to fashion that borders on costume. Perhaps this is connected to my love for Halloween.

Welcome to the team, Daniel, we are excited to have you on board!