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The 2021 Frameline Completion Fund awards $25k to emerging and established filmmakers to complete projects that represent and reflect LGBTQ+ life. 

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Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2021, 5pm PDT.

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The Frameline Completion Fund provides grants to emerging and established filmmakers. This program seeks to provide a much-needed source of financial contributions to artists who often struggle to secure funding to complete their works. Grants up to $5,000 are available for the completion of films that represent and reflect LGBTQ+ life in all its complexity and richness.

For over a quarter century, Frameline has awarded  $595,000 to 168 projects (see all past recipients here) to help ensure that LGBTQ+ film/video projects are completed and viewed by wider audiences. Projects finished with assistance from the Frameline Completion Fund include NO STRAIGHT LINES: THE RISE OF QUEER COMICS, NORTH BY CURRENT, VISION PORTRAITS, CALL HER GANDA, CHAVELA, PARIAH, APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR, CALL ME KUCHU, TO BE TAKEI, LAST CALL AT MAUD'S, THE NEW BLACK, BROTHER TO BROTHER, KUMU HINA, THE COCKETTES, VITO, FREEHELD, WE WERE HERE, and GUN HILL ROAD.

Submissions are accepted for documentary, narrative, experimental, animated or episodic projects about LGBTQ+ people and their communities. The Fund also seeks to bring new work to under-served audiences; with this in mind, we especially encourage applications by women, people of color, transgender people, intersex people, asexual people, non-binary people, disabled people, and other underrepresented people and communities.

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The Frameline Completion Fund is supported by The Williams & Hart Rainbow Fund of Horizons Foundation.

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Attention Documentary Filmmakers: The Frameline Completion Fund accepts The Documentary Core Application (for # 2 through #7 on our application)

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