Frameline Voices

Frameline Voices features one film every month that highlights the stories of those in the LGBTQ community underserved by mainstream media.

Frameline Voices originally launched in 2011. From 2011-2016, this program hosted up to 125 films and received more than 3,500,000 hits from every country in the world, while also providing stipends to filmmakers in exchange for their work. The impact was great, but in 2017 Frameline relaunched Voices as a narrowed initiative to focus on just one title per month.  Check out our film of the month below or click the link to the right to see all archived films, which remain online thanks to the generosity of these filmmakers.

Film of the Month


Florencia ManĂ³vil | 2016 | USA | 17m

Revisit this Frameline41 short film, also a recipient of the Frameline Completion Fund.

MoC hottie Claudia is in for a spark-filled evening when she encounters the captivating foreigner Isabel, who challenges her perceptions of Latinos and of herself in this beautiful short that explores connection, identity, and latinidad.