It's A Sin, Episodes 1 & 2

Advance Screening + Panel Discussion

It's A Sin

Frameline and NewFest present an Advance Screening + Q&A of HBO Max's new series It's A Sin. 

About the event

Episodes 1 & 2 of  It's A Sin will be available  between 12:00am PST Tuesday, Feb 16th and 11:59pm Wednesday, Feb 17th online at  

The panel will premiere on our  YouTube & Facebook page Friday, Feb 19 at 5:30pm PST.

Panelists include:

Russell T Davies (Creator, Ep, Writer)
Lydia West (actor)
Olly Alexander (actor)
Neil Patrick Harris (actor)
Callum Scott Howells (actor)
Omari Douglas (actor)
Nathaniel Curtis (actor)
Russell Tovey (moderator)   

*Please note this panel was pre-recorded.

About It's A Sin

Set in 1981, Ritchie (Olly Alexander), Roscoe (Omari Douglas) and Colin (Callum Scott Howells) are young lads, strangers at first, leaving home at 18 and heading off to London with hope and ambition and joy… and walking straight into a virus that most of the world ignores. Year by year, episode by episode, crossing the whole decade, their lives change as the mystery of that illness starts as a rumor, then a threat, then a terror, and then something that binds them together in the fight.

In partnership with NewFest.
Sponsored by San Franciso AIDS Foundation