Director: Julian Buchan
2021 | USA | 59m
GENRE: Comedy | Gay | Relationships
SECTION: Episodic
Expected Guests: Director Julian Buchan, Producers Katie White & Jeremy Truong, Actors Jimmy Fowlie & Shannon DeVido

In an even gayer variation on My Best Friend’s Wedding, actor and comedian Jimmy Fowlie (The Other Two) hilariously assumes the Julia Roberts role as Terry, a shamelessly self-absorbed twink on a mission to sabotage his childhood best friend Judith’s (Sydnee Washington) wedding by seducing the groom which is no big deal anyway since marriage is a sham and monogamy is a lie, right? 

Over the course of a weekend full of minor meltdowns, Titanic-themed bachelorette parties, and afternoon quickies with Uber drivers, Terry tries to keep Judith's other BFF Muriel (Shannon DeVido)—not to mention the fussy wedding planners and the rest of the neurotic bridal party—from spoiling his plans. Is Terry struggling to let his "forever partner" Judith go, or is his thirst for her hunky fiancé too much to contain? Can't it be both? With sassy one-liners and celebrity name-drops coming at you at lightning speed, Bridesman marks the first scripted series produced by Grindr, with all six episodes screening here in full. 

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