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Rebel Dykes

“We were very politically aware, but we were also very naughty!” What better summation of the sexy, gritty, raw-and-rollicking experience of the London late-1980s dyke community, lovingly depicted in Harri Shanahan and Siân Williams’ new documentary Rebel Dykes. From Peace Camps, to the lesbian S&M club Chain Reaction, to the passing of Clause 28, Rebel Dykes cleverly mixes vintage footage, interviews, and animated recreations to illustrate an explosive time of sex, culture, and politics.

A Swiss Rebel

This documentary chronicles Annemarie Schwarzenbach, who left her prominent Zurich family in her early twenties to become an influential writer—condemning fascism and worker exploitation

Talks & Panels

Join Frameline filmmakers in conversation

Frameline Talk: Queer Legacies

Documentary filmmakers are discovering untold chapters of our shared past and taking control of the queer historical narrative.

Remembering Mark Finch

A tribute to Mark Finch by Jenni Olson


This intimate portrait of legendary designer and fashion rebel Alexander McQueen charts his meteoric rise to success, through footage of his mesmerizing, controversial shows and candid interviews with family and close friends.

By Hook or by Crook

Ahead of its time in its evocation of an unabashed queer universe that dares to just be, By Hook or By Crook tells the story of two trans-butches, Shy (Howard) and Valentine (Dodge), who collide by chance in the San Francisco streets.

Dykes, Camera, Action!

Lovers of lesbian film unite! Dykes, Camera, Action! is a joyous trip down memory lane, featuring the ultimate array of filmmakers and thinkers of the past 50 years as they examine works from Go Fish to But I’m a Cheerleader .

Dykes, Camera, Action!

Virtual Cinema Release + Panel Discussion

Lights. Camera. Take Action.

Join an all-star group of documentary makers and thinkers for a sharp look at the present and future of the queer women’s documentary. The discussion will take place immediately following the screening of Dykes, Camera, Take Action —entry to the discussion is free to the public, though the preceding documentary itself is a ticketed screening.

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