Coming Up Queer - Shorts Program

Coming Up Queer - Shorts Program


Free screening, suggested ages 13+ (language).

Queer and trans youth are in the spotlight across these stellar short films. Meet Two-Spirit dancers and teen best friends in love, journey to first school dances and a magical world with teddy bears, and end with a trans wrestler making global headlines.


Sweetheart Dancers

DIRECTOR Ben-Alex Dupris | 2019 | USA | 14m
A young Two-Spirit couple, Sean and Adrian, are determined to participate in the "Sweetheart Dance" and break down barriers in their community. This celebratory contest in Native American culture is held at powwows across the country, primarily for couples consisting of one man and one woman... until now.


DIRECTOR Alyssa Lerner | 2019 | USA | 18m
In this comedic coming-of-age story set during the 2008 financial crisis, a Filipina teenager struggles with her parents avoiding the reality of their home foreclosure and her growing realization that she's in love with her female best friend.

The One You Never Forget

DIRECTOR Morgan Jon Fox | 2019 | USA | 8m
Fourteen-year-old Carey nervously prepares for his first school dance and must decide if he'll let his curious father meet his date or not.

Teddy Mate

DIRECTOR Rommel Villa | 2018 | USA | 16m
In a magical world, children bond with teddy bears that transform with age into the perfect human life partner. An optimistic and strong-willed young woman faces a turning point when her teddy mate's transformation subverts expectations from her family and society.

Mack Wrestles

DIRECTORS Erin Sanger & Taylor Hess | 2019 | USA | 26m
Mack Beggs broke records and changed history when he won the Texas state title, prevailing through the discrimination he faced as a transgender wrestler. With college on the horizon, sports champion, national activist, and high school hero Mack grapples with what comes next.

Wells Fargo