Vita & Virginia

Director: Chanya Button
2018 | Ireland, UK | 110m
GENRE: Arts & Literature | Biography/History | Drama | Lesbian | Relationships | Romance
SECTION: Opening Night | World Cinema


Sensational star turns by Elizabeth Debicki (Widows) as Virginia Woolf and Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace) as Vita Sackville-West bring to dazzling life one of the great lesbian love affairs of the 20th century in this erotic blend of literary biography and romantic intrigue that had audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival raving.

Already a successful popular novelist herself, Vita wants desperately to associate herself with the prestigious Woolf, but pursuing the introverted writer becomes heated and personal once she spies Virginia’s sinuous dancing at a party. It is a clash of opposing worlds and personalities: the lives of Woolf’s bohemian clique chafe against Sackville-West’s upper-crust milieu, with no one more horrified than Vita’s stern, disapproving mother, played with aplomb by Isabella Rossellini.

For Virginia, the relationship liberates her sexuality and sparks a surge of creativity, as her androgynous new lover becomes the muse for one of her masterworks, Orlando. The writers’ love letters, read directly to the camera, reveal the profound nature of this unique, passionate coupling: an intense affair that is as much of the mind as the body.


Wells Fargo


  • Premiere Status: Bay Area