One Taxi Ride

Director: Mak CK
2019 | Mexico, Singapore | 84m
GENRE: AIDS/HIV | Documentary | Gay | Latinx | Parenting/Family | Relationships | Sexual Abuse
SECTION: Documentary
Expected Guests: Director Mak CK


On his 17th birthday in Mexico, Erick found his life forever altered when he was sexually assaulted by a group of men on his taxi ride home. Riddled with shame and guilt, he sought no help and only later discovered he had been infected with HIV. He refused to tell anyone, fearing judgment in a society that stresses hypermasculinity as the ideal. The overbearing weight of the trauma caused a widening rift between him and his loved ones. Depression, isolation, anger, and disconnection became all-consuming. Finally after a decade of silence, Erick began coming to terms with his trauma and how intensely it affected his life.

Winner of the Premio Maguey for Best LGBTQ+ Film at this year’s Guadalajara International Film Festival, One Taxi Ride is a deeply intimate documentary detailing Erick’s challenging journey unearthing his secrets to friends and family. On his path to healing, Erick finds catharsis in helping others confront their own pain by sharing his story of acceptance. This is a poignant, raw portrait that showcases the power of speaking one’s truth.


This film contains discussions of trauma and sexual abuse.

  • Language: In Spanish with English subtitles. ASL Interpreter present.
  • Premiere Status: Bay Area