Paper Boys

Director: Curtis Casella & Kyle Cabral
2015/2018 | USA | 92m
GENRE: Gay | Local Interest/Subjects | Romance | Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy
SECTION: Episodic
Expected Guests: Directors/Co-Creators, Curtis Casella & Kyle Cabral


Filled with ex drama, hunky new friends, and even a bit of mysterious magic, Paper Boys is the playful San Francisco episodic we have been waiting for. The first three episodes blew up online and inspired a cult following in 2015. And now, three years later, the first season is finally complete, and Frameline42 is excited to showcase Paper Boys in its entirety, including the final three brand new episodes.

Sexy and bookish Cole is theoretically in town for the weekend to celebrate the engagement of his best friend, Daren. But when he arrives with heaps of luggage and heads to a job interview at an animation studio, the cat is out of the bag: he’s dropped everything in New York City and is settling down in San Francisco. Now, Cole is couch-surfing (well, blow-up-mattress-surfing) with his straight bro Daren and Daren’s finicky fiancée, Rebecca, as they frantically prepare for their engagement party—a party for a marriage that Daren isn’t even sure he’s ready for. Meanwhile, Cole runs into his ex, Max, a constant flirt with a wry, knowing smile, and sparks immediately fly once more. As both men struggle to figure out their love and career paths, something strange begins to happen with the sketches Cole is making in a long-lost notebook. Can he somehow push their futures in the right direction with just the touch of a pen?

With familiar San Francisco haunts around every corner, this hometown series strikes the perfect balance between a down-to-earth story about friends and a supernatural phenomenon.



  • Premiere Status: World