My Best Friend

Mi mejor amigo

Director: Martín Deus
2018 | Argentina | 90m
GENRE: Coming Out | Drama | Gay | Latino/a | Parenting/Family | Youth (18 & Under)
SECTION: World Cinema


Shy Lorenzo leads a simple life with his well-meaning parents and younger brother in a small town in Argentinean Patagonia. He reads, plays soccer with the local jocks (though he’s always picked last), and studies classical guitar. When a dramatic event leaves a family friend out in the cold, Caíto, a year older than Lorenzo, comes to stay in their small home—perhaps indefinitely. Covered in fresh bruises, tattooed, and handsome, Caíto is both a disturbing and fascinating new presence in bookish Lorenzo’s life. Though the two boys are only a year apart, they live in different worlds: one sheltered and safe, attending school and following the rules of his earnest parents, the other working in construction and fighting his demons the only way he knows how—by drinking too much and staying out late. As Lorenzo encourages Caíto to open up to him, he too takes on the burden of Caíto’s secrets. But he also takes Caíto under his wing, letting him share his room, and beginning to create a space for him in the tight-knit family. As their friendship grows, Lorenzo finds his feelings for Caíto growing as well.

With beautiful cinematography and outstanding lead performances, this coming-of-age story, the first feature from director Martín Deus (Raw Love, Frameline33), is reminiscent of Call Me by Your Name and The Way He Looks (Frameline38), perfectly capturing the space between a first crush and a first love.


Somos Familia / SF LGBT Center / Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival

  • Language: In Spanish with English subtitles. ASL interpreter present
  • Premiere Status: Bay Area