Giving Me Life (In the Land of the Deadass)

Director: Dafina Roberts
2017 | USA | 85m
GENRE: Bisexual | Black/African American | Gay | Latino/a | Lesbian | Queer | Religion/Spirituality
SECTION: Episodic
Expected Guests: Director/Writer, Dafina Roberts, Producer, Sophia Clark


Insecure meets Brown Girls (Frameline41) in this fresh episodic series about a tight crew of twenty-somethings navigating the ups and downs of dating, friendship, and careers in New York City. Following a different character in each of the six vignettes, this sweet and salty series explores life across the queer (and even straight) spectrum, from gay Christians considering orgies to a bisexual woman who detests the bar scene.

Chapter 1 kicks off with idealistic Nala, fired from her community center after gentrification strikes her neighborhood and now considering working for the man. Next, bisexual Leah meets a fellow eligible bisexual but forgets to catch his name. In Chapter 3, Travis and his boyfriend, Clarence, are headed to church but consider a detour when dreamy Michael and Mitchell invite them to a swingers party. In Chapter 4, Cam’s life feels like a telenovela when he struggles to keep a big secret from his new girlfriend. Chapter 5 follows masculine-of-center Jess, who sees her work drama intersect with her weekend life when she runs into her boss while buying weed. Finally, indecisive Gil has to reconcile his old relationship with his new crush when something unexpected catches him off guard.

With each episode moving both through the six characters, as well as chronologically along all stories, the viewer is able to jump into all the drama at once, ultimately becoming a part of this somewhat lost but totally lovable posse.



Bay Area Bisexual Network / Bitch Talk Podcast

  • Premiere Status: West Coast