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Be delighted by every twist and turn in this quirky collection of queer women’s shorts—where nothing is quite as it seem. Featuring grandmothers, BFFs, brides-to-be, and rival siblings, this year’s selection runs the full gamut.

Gaze in wonder at Grace and Betty, as Grace finally decides to come out to her grandmother, who has a big secret of her own. In Pop Rox, we discover that telling your BFF that you’re in love with them is probably best done without a third wheel along for the ride. And what does it mean to be Dick Sisters? How about accidentally killing a guy you both dated and then falling in love with each other, all in the same night? In Lesbehonest: I’ll Be All Right, we catch Blaire, a womanizing lesbian, who after an impulsive break-up ends up with too many dates at the same party. A surprise twist is unveiled in Children Alike when a brother decides to take his new girlfriend home to meet his sister. Ice Cold presents a wedding day to remember, as a blushing bride has her best and worst day ever. And well, it’s just too true: Dyke Bars Never Last. Bay Area electronic pop artist Sapphic Lasers explores the heartbreak of the closures of all the wonderful dyke bars.



Grace and Betty

DIRECTOR Zoe Lubeck | 2016 | USA | 12m
When 23-year-old Grace decides to come out of the closet to her grandmother Betty, she discovers something she wasn’t expecting.

Pop Rox

DIRECTOR Nate Trinrud | 2017 | USA | 12m
Jesse, an Iranian American teenage girl, decides to tell her best friend, Roxanne, that she’s in love with her.

Dick Sisters

DIRECTOR Lauren Garroni | 2018 | USA | 10m
Two estranged friends, who have both dated the same guy, accidentally kill him and fall in love with each other over the course of an evening.

Lesbehonest: I’ll Be All Right

DIRECTOR Jana Heaton | 2017 | USA | 19m
After an impulsive breakup, a womanizing lesbian moves back in with her gay best friend and rediscovers something worth strapping on to: their friendship.

Children Alike

DIRECTOR Julia Boström | 2017 | Sweden | 5m | In Swedish with English subtitles
Johannes introduces his new girlfriend Wilma to his sister Hanna. However, Wilma and Hanna are anything but strangers.

Ice Cold

DIRECTOR Sekiya Dorsett | 2017 | USA | 14m
A blushing bride experiences the best and worst wedding day in history.

Dyke Bars Never Last

DIRECTOR Stacy McKenzie | 2018 | USA | 6m
In the wake of dyke bars and spaces closing, a lonely queer in San Francisco sits outside of the now closed Lexington Bar and follows a trail of signs, motorcycle babes, femme dommes, and leather daddies to the Last Dyke Bar on Earth.

Hilton San Francisco Union Square