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Director: Jasper Rischen
2018 | USA | 75m
GENRE: Asian/Pacific Islander | Discrimination | Drag | Gay | Gender | Homophobia | Latino/a | Queer | Transgender
SECTION: Episodic

Frameline42 is proud to present the first three episodes of World of Wonder’s groundbreaking new series, an in-depth, no-holds-barred portrait of some of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s most beloved—and most controversial—contestants. First up is Japanese American transgender wunderkind Gia Gunn. Known for her memorable one-liners (“Gag me with a Delorean!”), Gia remained in the spotlight after the series when she came out as transgender and advocated for trans inclusion within the drag community. Featuring plenty of her salty trademark asides—as well as a playful cameo from transgender supermodel Isis King—this episode also includes a remarkable scene between Gia and an Uber driver that poignantly encapsulates both the ignorance many still harbor towards trans individuals and Gia’s poise as she gently educates the driver about the truths of her community.

Next up is the singular Aja, All Stars’ youngest contestant and one who is rapidly ascending to queen superstardom, thanks in no small part to a certain gravity-defying death drop from atop a box that had everyone watching veritably shook. Offstage, the Brooklyn-based, self-described “slutty anime girl” pounds the pavement and works her ass off (after rolling out of bed at noon, naturally). We get an intimate look into her life on the go in sunny Los Angeles where her supportive, no-nonsense boyfriend keeps her in check and drag friends shadow (and shade) the queen as she prepares for shows and downs four-shot iced lattes.

The final episode features an extra special drag star making all kinds of noise these days... but we'll keep her name secret until this fabulous sneak peak premieres at Frameline!



  • Premiere Status: World