Director: Adrian Molina & Lee Unkrich
2017 | USA | 105m
GENRE: Animation | Family Friendly | Youth Audience Appropriate
SECTION: Family Matinee | US Feature


Embark on a musically colorful journey to the afterlife and back in Pixar’s enchanting, Academy Award–winning Coco. Twelve-year-old Miguel lives in Santa Cecilia, Mexico, where he secretly dreams of becoming a musician, despite his family’s ban on music—a ban that stems from a mystery surrounding his great-great-grandfather.

On Día de los Muertos, Miguel’s aspirations and curiosity transport him to the beyond, where he reunites with skeletal ancestors who bring him to the Land of the Dead. In this bustling necropolis of neon spirit animals, dazzling nightclubs, and rich culture, Miguel learns that he must return to the Land of the Living by sunrise or forever remain with the dead. The only catch? He has been cursed and must find a blessing to return home.

With the help of his relatives, a dog-turned-spirit animal named Dante, and Héctor, a vagabond skeleton, Miguel races against the clock to solve the mystery of his curse and musical lineage, and to discover his voice along the way.

Coco is a touching story of acceptance, living authentically, and finding family. When co-director and writer Adrian Molina and producer Darla K. Anderson both thanked their same-sex spouses during their Oscar acceptance speech, Anderson added, “Coco is proof that art can change and connect the world, and this can only be done when we have a place for everyone and anyone who feels like an ‘other’ to be heard.”

This program is free and open to the public. Come early for special Pixar giveaways!

Pixar Animation Studios

Our Family Coalition / Somos Familia / Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival