Director: Shine Louise Houston
2017 | USA | 72m
GENRE: Asian/Pacific Islander | Black/African American | Differently Abled | Latino/a | Lesbian | Local Interest/Subjects | Mystery/Thriller | Queer | Sexually Explicit | Transgender
Expected Guests: Producer, Jiz Lee


The saying goes that picky eaters don’t eat. Or, perhaps, that a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. But why are we so hard on those who are selective in what—or who—they devour?

Written and directed by Pink & White Productions founder and award-winning filmmaker Shine Louise Houston (Champion, Frameline33, Superfreak, Frameline31), Snapshot is an erotic suspense thriller that will satiate even the pickiest of eaters. Charlie, a reserved freelance photographer, has her gaze fixed on Danny, an older butch whose heart is set on romance and excitement. Just as things are about to click, Charlie accidentally snaps a photo of a murder, inadvertently becoming the killer’s next target. What follows is quite literally a feast for the voyeur. From languid morning makeouts to photoshoots that are silent save for the click of a camera and heavy breathing, this film is for those who, like Charlie, prefer to watch. Forever at ease behind the camera, Charlie is alarmed to find out that someone is watching her, and it could lead to her demise. This film draws inspiration from classics such as Hitchcock’s Rear Window and Antonioni’s Blow Up, and features a diverse cast and intimate portrayals of queer sex in Houston’s signature cinematic style.

Snapshot is a rare treat. Make sure you come hungry.


This program contains sexually explicit material.


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