Princess Cyd

Director: Stephen Cone
2017 | USA | 93m
GENRE: Arts & Literature | Bisexual | Drama | Lesbian | Parenting/Family | Religion/Spirituality | Sexuality
Expected Guests: Director, Stephen Cone

Sporty teenager Cyd and her intellectual aunt Miranda challenge and nurture each other during a quietly adventurous, revelatory summer break, in the latest feature from Frameline favorite writer-director Stephen Cone (The Wise Kids, Frameline36; Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party, Frameline39). This polished, character-driven film about two women on different paths of self-discovery touches lightly on religion and spirituality, and hints at a background of family tragedy, but always keeps the focus on the smart, strong women at its core.

Miranda still lives in what was her childhood home in a beautiful Chicago neighborhood, and happily, if apprehensively, offers Cyd a seasonal change of scenery from her South Carolina town. On the surface, these women are far apart in character and interests: philosophical writer Miranda feels fulfilled by the rich life of the mind, while Cyd is grounded in her youthful body and its sometimes mysterious desires. But despite guilelessly admitting she doesn’t “really read,” Cyd blossoms in Miranda’s literary community and their modern salon-style potluck/poetry readings. And in her own adventures through the neighborhood, Cyd quickly sparks with tomboy Katie, whose outer toughness and independence hide an eagerness for friendship and connection.

The dreamy realism of hot summer days sets the tone, and authentic, grounded performances bring depth and form. Cone clearly approaches his work with unwavering love for his characters, sharing with the audience the privilege of seeing these women step into the sunlight.


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  • Premiere Status: West Coast