Centerpiece: US Feature

Director: Daniel Powell & Elizabeth Rohrbaugh
2017 | USA | 91m
GENRE: Bisexual | Comedy | Drama | Lesbian | Local Interest/Subjects | Music/Music Videos | Musical | Parenting/Family | Relationships | Romance | Sexuality
SECTION: Centerpiece | US Feature
Expected Guests: Co-Director, Elizabeth Rohrbaugh, Actor, Lena Hall & Producer, Alex Bach

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Becks (Tony winner Lena Hall of Hedwig fame) is blue, broken-hearted, and flat broke. After dropping everything to move west for her girlfriend's big career break (on a reality show, naturally) she discovers she's been replaced by a "younger, hotter, LA set of tits."

With only her car, a bag of clothes, and a guitar, Becks retreats to her Midwestern hometown and moves back in with her mom (Academy Award nominee Christine Lahti), a devout Catholic and ex-nun. What could possibly go wrong? The answer, of course, is a hell of a lot, as this down-on-her-luck thirtysomething battles her mother, performs for tips at her ex-boyfriend's local bar, and tries to figure out her post-heartache future. But at least there's the music, and Becks makes beautiful, knowing music - singer-songwriter perfection - throbbing with heartache and soul. And it's the music that ultimately leads her to a new and unexpected connection with a restless housewife (Mena Suvari, American Beauty).  

A San Francisco native, the Grammy-nominated Hall captivates with just the right combination of wryness and vulnerability. The story of Becks may be a familiar one, crawling back from a shattering life-turn, but Hall - and the songwriting power of Alyssa Robins and Steve Salett - makes it unforgettable.  


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  • Premiere Status: Bay Area