Fun in Girls Shorts

GENRE: Comedy | Lesbian
Expected Guests: Features Q&A with filmmaking teams

Awkward and hilarious moments of discovery ensue in this year’s crop of queer women’s shorts. From cringeworthy revelations after a one-night stand, to accidentally letting your friend know you have a crush on them, to sorting out your unexpected feelings for the sexy gardener, and trying to figure out if you are actually on a date – all will certainly be revealed in this delightful comedic selection. It’s always an adventure in Fun in Girls Shorts!


6:23 AM

DIR Geoffrey Breton | 2019 | UK | 4m

A story of two women who met in a club early this morning, are watching the sun come up together, when one of them realizes something which could ruin everything.  Watch Trailer.

Break In

DIR Alyssa Lerner | 2020 | USA | 16m

What’s more embarrassing than writing erotic fiction about your crush? Writing erotic fiction about your crush and then accidentally texting it to her.

CC Dances the Go-Go

DIR Erin C. Buckley | 2019 | USA | 11m

CC dances the go-go every Saturday night at Wanda’s, the local lesbian bar. Nicky is an aspiring actor and professional freelancer who believes she’s possibly made CC up.  Watch Trailer.

Dinette Season 2 Episode 1 & 2

DIR Shaina Feinberg | 2020 | USA | 20m

The staff and regulars of a Brooklyn-based diner scramble to keep their favorite hangout afloat after the sudden death of its owner.  Watch Trailer.

I Know Her

DIR Fawzia Mirza | 2019 | USA | 3m

In the afterglow of a seemingly fated hookup, two women realize that perhaps they have a little too much in common.


DIRS Sophie Saville & Rowan Devereux | 2020 | Australia | 8m

A socially anxious young woman lands a hot date. There’s only one problem, she's not sure if it's actually a date.  Watch Trailer.

The Secret Gardener

DIR Lorena Russi | 2019 | USA | 3m

A garden party goes off the rails when ladies who brunch devolve into ladies who munch.  Watch Trailer.

Were You Gay in High School?

DIR Niki Ang | 2020 | USA | 13m

Two queer women recall their awkward, closeted high school days of kissing boys and straight-girl crushes.  Watch Trailer.

Buying note: This is a digital screening, available to view between 12:01am Thursday, June 25 and 11:59pm Sunday, June 28. We suggest watching it at 11:00am Saturday, June 27 followed by the Q&A.


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