Fun in Boys Shorts

GENRE: Comedy | Gay
SECTION: Famous Faces | Shorts
Expected Guests: Features Q&A with filmmaking teams and talent including from ISLAND QUEEN actors Rachel Dratch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Hungry for a laugh? Dig in to Frameline’s all-new smorgasbord of short comic treats and feel-good bonbons. This year’s lineup of light-hearted short films features wicked send-ups of hookup apps, a (literal) ferry queen (co-starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Rachel Dratch), a trip to Italy, and two bears. We promise you won’t go home hungry. (Oh right, you’re already home!)


About a Short Film

DIR Kevin Yee | 2018 | USA | 7m |

Comedian Kevin Yee makes a short film about making a short film.  Watch Trailer.

Blow Job

DIR Jeffrey Braverman | 2019 | USA | 1m

A business lunch takes an unexpected turn of events.

Go Go, Boy!

DIR Oriana Oppice | 2020 | USA | 6m |

A boy discovers his fabulousness while dancing in his bedroom. Watch Trailer.

Island Queen

DIRS Zackary Grady & Jenn Harris | 2019 | USA | 10m

On the day a teenage hockey player secretly plans to try out for the figure skating team, he gets trapped on a ferry boat by its captain (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family) and the bossy first mate (Saturday Night Live’s Rachel Dratch). Watch Trailer.

Matt & Dan: Pics?

DIR Will Gordh | 2020 | USA | 3m

In this parody of gay dating and hookup app culture, Matt and Dan are chatting on Grindr, but things really start to heat up as the two start to swap their pics…a bit too literally.

Pete Can't Play Basketball

DIR Nicolas Borenstein | 2020 | USA | 8m

In a world where all that matters is basketball, Pete can't play basketball, in this charming send-up of office culture from the director of Sweater (Frameline43).

Short Calf Muscle

DIR Victoria Warmerdam | 2019 | Netherlands | 13m

Short Calf Muscle is an absurdist black comedy about Anders. Anders is different. But he doesn’t know that.

Dutch with English Subtitles

The Dick Appointment

DIR Mike Roma | 2020 | USA | 10m

When lovelorn Wally wants to get over his ex, he turns to the apps for help.

The Shawl

DIR Sara Kiener | 2020 | USA | 7m

An animated short film starring real-life lovers Shane O’Neill and Dusty Lynn Childers, who recount how their long-distance romance blossomed with the help of Stevie Nicks’ lip-synch videos.

When in Rome

DIR Luca Padrini | 2020 | Italy | 11m

Young and handsome Alfredo returns to his family village in the Italian countryside, this time with his partner Mattia, and must reveal a secret to his traditionalist father. Watch Trailer.

Italian with English Subtitles

Buying note: This is a digital screening, available to view between 12:01am Thursday, June 25 and 11:59pm Sunday, June 28. We suggest watching it at 1:30pm Sunday, June 28 followed by the Q&A.


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