Thanks to Hank — AIDS 2020

Director: Bob Ostertag
2019 | USA | 81m
GENRE: Activism | AIDS/HIV | Biography/History | Documentary | Gay | Human Rights | Local Interest/Subjects | Queer
SECTION: AIDS 2020 | Free


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Thanks to Hank is the inspirational story of a true unsung hero of the gay liberation movement and the AIDS epidemic that followed—Hank Wilson. Unknown to many, but beloved by those whose lives he touched, Hank was the ultimate behind-the-scenes activist who, with uncompromising zeal and pathos, radically altered LGBTQ+ life and rights in the Bay Area—most notably for queer youth in the early days of AIDS.

Brought to life with archival footage, animation, and interviews with collaborators and friends—Tom Ammiano, Lea DeLaria, Donna Lisa Stewart, Gerry Kirby, and Blackberri to name only a few—this sweeping documentary uncovers the stunning impacts of Hank’s efforts that can still be felt today in AIDS service and queer youth organizations, cultural outlets, and local politics.

Capturing four decades of Hank’s work centering on the most marginalized in the community, director Bob Ostertag has created a touching homage that ensures audiences will not only come to know Hank’s legacy but also come to love the warm and relentless nature of a man who ignited immeasurable change.


Ticketing notes:

  • This is a free digital screening, available to view between Thursday, June 25 12:01am – Friday, July 10, 11:59pm.
  • We suggest viewing during the dates of the AIDS 2020: Virtual conference, July 6-10.
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  • Language: English