Digital Screening Room

We know that participating in a festival online is new for everyone, so we have put together this guide to address questions you might have about tickets and streaming.


With the shift to online, Frameline had to create new digital agreements with filmmakers and distributors, and those agreements included limiting Frameline 44 June Pride Showcase online streaming access to California. Streaming is geo-blocked to California, so you will need to be within the state to stream films. 



Chromecast– with a Chromecast device you can cast directly to your television 

  • You can stream films on Chromecast by screen sharing your smartphone, tablet, or computer on the same Wi-Fi network. For information on screen sharing using your Chromecast, click here. 
How to cast from your laptop to your TV:

AirPlay – using your  AirPlay enabled device or SmartTV (most Samsung TVs)Instructions for screen sharing using your Apple TV using AirPlay can be found here. 

HDMI Cable – to connect your computer or mobile device to your television 

  • If you have a laptop or nearby computer with an HDMI port, you can connect it directly to your television, using it as a second monitor. That said, connection details will depend on your setup. We recommend referencing your television’s manual for more information. 


If you do not already have the Frameline app downloaded, search for “Frameline” in the app store. 


  1. Go to add channel  
  2. Type in Frameline in the search bar  
  3. Click add channel 
  4. Once added select go to channel  
  5. You will be prompted to enter a code or login as a Castro, Gold, and Platinum pass holder 

If you do not have a pass you can enter the code in your confirmation email. If you have a pass you can link your device by going to and entering the code on the TV to your computer.  

You can also set up your login and password by clicking the link in your confirmation email on your computer and creating a password. Once you’ve created a password then you can login on your TV with that information.  

Adding Frameline to Roku:

APPLE TV (Generation 4 or higher only)

  1. Go to the Apple store  
  2. Type in Frameline in the search bar 
  3. Click download app 
  4. You will be prompted to enter a code or login as a pass holder 

If you do not have a Castro, Gold, or Platinum pass you can enter the code in your confirmation email. If you have a pass you can link your device by going to and enter the code on your computer. 

Adding Frameline to Apple TV:


Currently you can stream through the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. For both PC and Apple computers, we recommend that you use the latest version of your browser. Note: Internet Explorer is not supported. 


After getting a ticket, simply click in your confirmation email. You will be redirected to our streaming platform 

You can also go to and type in the code Ticket Holder section to watch your film.  


Passholders will receive an invite to join Frameline’s on demand portal from 


Click join to access It will redirect you to our screening platform login page. 

Where it says Pass Holder Login type in your email and create a password. You will then have access to all your content. You can also link your device by going to and enter the code on your computer.  

Creating a pass holder login: 

Showcase Hotline: 
For support configuring your at-home viewing preferences or if you have questions regarding a ticket order please contact our Box Office staff at 415.552.5580 or email 



What happens if I forget my password? 

Use the password reset option on the login page to reset your password. You will need access to the e-mail address you use to log in.  

Can I use my Amazon Firestick to steam?  

No, unfortunately our app is not available on Amazon Firestick. There are many other ways you can stream on your TV via Chromecast, Airplay or an HDMI cable.  

Why does video playback stall or not play smoothly? 

We use adaptive bitrate streaming which means the streaming quality will automatically adjust based on your internet speed. If your internet connection is poor or inconsistent you may experience problems during playback. If you’re on Wi-Fi, try moving closer to your router.