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Frameline44 Pride Showcase FAQ's

What is Frameline44 Pride Showcase? 
Frameline44 Pride Showcase is a set of online film screenings offered to our audiences June 25 - 28, 2020. Film screenings will include special live and pre-recorded intros, Q&A’s and other unique enhancements that will make our Pride Showcase as close to an in-cinema Frameline experience as possible. After all, Pride weekend (let alone the 50th anniversary of SF Pride) just isn’t the same without Frameline! 

Does this take the place of a regular Frameline festival this year? 
No! The Pride Showcase is just our first round of this year’s festival offerings. We are still planning to present a Frameline44 Fall festival in whatever way we can - whether in-cinema, online, or in some combination. Our first priority is to be mindful of the health and welfare of our audiences, filmmakers, staff, community partners and volunteers, so we are working closely with local authorities to offer programs in keeping with the current guidelines for gathering.

Do I have to watch an online screening at the listed start time? 
Your online ticket or pass allows you access to screen the film program at any time during the Frameline44 Pride Showcase. However the listed program time is when any special live introductions, post-film Q&A’s and other unique non-film programming will take place, so we are encouraging everybody to watch “live” together and participate in the pre- and post-film offerings, just like in the cinema. For those who choose to screen the program at a later time during the Pride Showcase, we plan to archive many of these special program enhancements so they can be experienced by everybody.

How do I watch a Q&A for a film?
This will be a link that is clickable on the viewing platform after watching your film.

Can I watch online screenings from anywhere? 
Frameline44 Pride Showcase online screenings are available only to patrons with billing ZIP codes in California. 

Can I stop and start while screening? 
You may interrupt your screening, as long as you complete your viewing by the end of Frameline44 Pride Showcase (11:59pm on Sunday June 28).

How do I buy a ticket?
There is no change to the buying process – just in how you watch the content: at home instead of in a cinema. Single tickets can be bought for every film, and member ticket benefits are still in place. Choose your desired film/s and click the Buy Tickets button to start the purchase process. After purchase you will be emailed a link to watch the film during the Showcase dates (25-28 June). Ticket prices can be seen here.

How do I purchase a ticket as a gift?
Each ticket purchased will generate it's own unique link to view the film. The link to view the film are delivered in the confirmation email sent after purchase. The best way to purchase tickets as a gift is to place a separate order for the gift recipient. You can then forward the confirmation email for the gift order to the recipient, which they can use to view the film.

Does my membership count toward both Frameline44 Pride Showcase and Fall festival 
Yes! We are extending all membership benefits to include all Frameline44 festival programs, whether presented in June or later.

How are my member benefits changing? 
Most membership benefits, including early access to ticket sales, discounted tickets and passes, and complimentary ticket vouchers, remain the same. We have added a number of benefits for members at all levels that take into account virtual / online screenings. While some in-cinema benefits (e.g. early theater entry, reserved seating) cannot be duplicated in an online environment, we are offering a number of unique enhancements that will help make online screening during Frameline44 a terrific experience for members, including exclusive access to certain special screenings and artist encounters, movie-themed food and beverage delivery, and much more. Please consult the  membership benefits table for details. 

Can I use my complimentary ticket vouchers for the Pride Showcase and the Fall festivals? 
Yes. Your ticket vouchers are good for any Frameline44 regular screenings, either in June or in the Fall, and whether online or in-cinema. Vouchers you don’t use in June will still be valid in the Fall.

Can online screenings sell out?  
They may. Just as with our in-cinema screenings, there are often capacity limits, established by film distributors and producers, that we are obliged to adhere to. So getting your tickets early (a member benefit!) or a pass is a good idea.

If I have a pass, am I guaranteed an online ticket to a screening? 
With a Gold Pass or a Platinum Pass you are guaranteed access to any online film, within the timeframe it is available for viewing.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?
You can email our Box Office at To leave a question via voicemail please call 415.703.8655.

A  Castro Pass  gives you access to the majority of titles, but not all. Additional tickets for certain screenings may be purchased separately. This is similar to the way a Castro Pass works during our in-cinema festival.  

Passes are valid for both the June Pride Showcase and Fall festival.

Note: Technical details about online screening (streaming platforms, how to use links and passes, what kinds of registration or passwords are required, etc.) will be answered closer to the screening dates. Films will be able to be watched on your TV through Apple TV and Roku.


Frameline44 Pride Showcase is held June 25 – June 28, and is largely digital. There is one screening at West Wind Drive-In.  

Virtual Screenings with ASL interpreted Live Q&A's 
Breaking Fast
Twilight's Kiss (Suk Suk)
Lingua Franca
Stage Mother

West Wind Drive-In 
The West Wind Drive-In, hosting Ahead of the Curve, at the Drive-In!, is an accessible venue.   
The bathrooms are ADA applicant. 
There are flat parking spots available.  

Code of Conduct

Frameline's mission is to change the world through the power of LGBTQ+ media. Our goal is to connect filmmakers and audiences in the Bay Area and around the world; and we value the creative expression, cultural diversity, and varied perspectives that make up our community.

While we appreciate dialogues and differing opinions at the Festival, we will not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or abusive behavior. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Offensive comments related to race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship status, gender identity and/or expression, sexuality, physical appearance, religion, ability, age, or economic background.
  • Violence of any kind, including verbal or physical intimidation, sexual harassment or non-consensual physical interaction.
  • Ongoing disruption of Frameline events.

All Frameline audience participants, volunteers, staff, and board members are expected to follow this Code of Conduct for the entirety of all Frameline screenings and events and in all Frameline virtual spaces.

Frameline reserves the right to revoke tickets, passes, and access to Frameline events without notice or refund, for any action that violates this Code of Conduct. Any individual who witnesses or experiences a violation of this Code of Conduct should contact a Frameline staff member immediately. If a Frameline staff member is not present, contact