Talks & Panels

Frameline has curated a series of exclusive talks supported by Variety, set to debut over the course of the Festival’s 18 days.

These talks will be free to stream nationwide through Frameline’s Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as our streaming platform. Note: Some participating films will also have individual Q&As.

Frameline45 Talks:

Weds, June 16: Wilson Cruz in Conversation with Raffy Ermac

In conversation with writer Raffy Ermac, actor and activist Wilson Cruz traces his television legacy from gay TV trailblazer Rickie Vasquez on My So-Called Life in 1994 to showcasing queer representation all the way into the 23rd century as Dr. Hugh Culber on Star Trek: Discovery.

Thurs, June 17: Youth on Screens

Each generation challenges what is taken for granted by the previous. Currently, through the medium of television, ideas of gender and sexuality are being expanded right in our living rooms.

Fri, June 18: Queer in the Time of COVID

A global look at LGBTQ+ film festivals, how they’ve adapted and thrived during the pandemic. What have we learned? What does the future of the festival landscape look like?

Sat, June 19: Two-Spirit: Indigenous Voices in Queer Cinema

Indigenous filmmakers and storytellers explore the complexities of gender and sexuality as seen in spiritual traditions and creation stories. Featuring a chance to reconnect with Sherente, the focus of Frameline45 documentary Being Thunder.

Sun, June 20: Sugar in My Bowl: AA Representation in Queer Cinema

Looking to the future of African American representation in queer cinema. Creating the groundwork to support queer Black filmmakers in telling queer Black feature-length stories. Invited participants include the film team from All Boys Aren't Blue.

Mon, June 21: Queer Legacies

Documentary filmmakers are discovering untold chapters of our shared past and taking control of the queer historical narrative. Invited participants include film teams from P.S. Burn This Letter Please, Rebel Dykes, and Nelly Queen: The Life and Times of José Sarria.

Tues, June 22: My Disability Isn't Your Oscar

A discussion centering disability representation in queer cinema featuring filmmakers and producers on the forefront of prioritizing authenticity of experience.

Weds, June 23: Taiwan Focus

As part of our Focus on Taiwan series, come listen to a diverse panel of filmmakers and industry professionals. This in-depth talk will cover the rise of LGBTQ+ cinema in Taiwan, its rich past, its recent successes on Netflix and other popular streaming platforms, and where it could be heading next.

Thurs, June 24: Humanizing "The Other": Films vs. Hate

In the face of growing xenophobia worldwide, join a conversation with Frameline45 filmmakers who are turning their cameras onto the human cost of discrimination, and the resilience required to combat it. Invited participants include film teams from Nico and Instructions for Survival.

Fri, June 25: Women in Rock

A talk with talent and producers from Frameline45 documentaries FANNY: The Right to Rock and Invisible focusing on the unbelievable talent of women in the music industry and the struggle for recognition.

Sat, June 26: Making Art in Vulnerable Times and Communities

Can art make a difference in the lives of vulnerable communities? How do artists help us make sense out of the multiple crises we have lived through in the past year? Hear the perspectives of creative artists making dance, theater and film with and about vulnerable communities, amidst tumultuous societal challenges. Participants include the filmmaking team from Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the Waters and artist/activist Rhodessa Jones.