Queer Coolie-tudes

Director: Michelle Mohabeer
2019 | Canada | 87m
GENRE: African Diaspora | Biography/History | Black/African American | Discrimination | Educational | Experimental | Gay | Lesbian | Queer | South Asian
SECTION: Closed Captioned | Documentary Features | Free | Streaming

Queer Coolie-tudes reclaims the racial slur of “Coolie” and entrances the viewer with a stunning visual rumination on the convergence of identity, sexuality, and history. Visualizing the intergenerational lives, familial relations, and sexualities of a diverse range of subjects, the film is a series of nuanced portraits of queer Indo-Caribbean diasporic creole identities. It weaves together mixtures of Black and Indian, Portuguese and Indo-Caribbean, Indo-Chinese-Caribbean, genderqueer, disabled and elder body, and drag gender identity performance.

Available for free as part of Frameline45, this experimental documentary combines a unique visual aesthetic with a powerful collection of interviews and testimonies and speaks to the limits of identity and the violence of mainstream categorizations. As a recent addition to the Frameline Distribution catalog, it upholds and furthers the department mission to use the power of queer cinema to educate and create social impact through intentional representation and amplification of underrepresented identities and experiences of LGBTQ+ people. The juncture of identity, sexuality, and history explored in Queer Coolie-tudes is incredibly relevant in the 2021 landscape. We are now licensing the film to universities and academic customers and will make it commercially available later this year.

Buying Note: This free digital screening is available to view between Thu, Jun 17 and Sun, Jun 27. We suggest watching it at 9:00pm PDT Mon, Jun 21.


Oakland LGBT Center