Lola vers la mer

Director: Laurent Micheli
2019 | Belgium/France | 87m
GENRE: Death/Dying | Drama | Gender | Parenting/Family | Trans Women/Transfeminine | Transgender | Youth (18 & Under)
SECTION: Fully Subtitled | Narrative Features | Streaming


Before she has a chance to celebrate setting the date for her gender reassignment surgery, 18-year-old Lola (striking trans newcomer Mya Bollaers) faces immeasurable grief when her mother suddenly dies. With her biggest supporter gone, Lola is forced to reunite with her uncaring and bigoted father Philippe ( The Piano Teacher’s Benoît Magimel), who disowned her years prior.

To honor her mother’s last wishes, Lola and her father must tolerate each other long enough to venture up the Belgian coast, where haunting and painful memories await and harbored secrets come to light. With her strawberry-lemonade locks and skateboard affixed to her back like a bow and arrow, Bollaers is magnificent in her acting debut, easily holding her own opposite veteran actor Magimel. Combining a gritty realism with a delicate coming-of-age story, filmmaker Laurent Micheli’s sophomore feature—boasting a pitch-perfect soundtrack featuring Boy George, 4 Non Blondes, and Anohni—is a deeply moving portrait of two people who must find common ground in order to live with each other authentically.


Buying Note: This digital screening is available to view between Thu, Jun 17 and Sun, Jun 27. We suggest watching it at 9:00pm PDT Wed, Jun 23.


Our Trans Home San Francisco,San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, Youth & Gender Media Project

  • Language: In French and Danish with English subtitles