Fun in Shorts


GENRE: Animation | Bisexual | Black/African American | Comedy | Coming Out | Drama | Gay | Gender | Jewish | Lesbian | Parenting/Family | Relationships | Romance | Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy | Sexuality | Transgender | Youth (18 & Under)
SECTION: Shorts | Streaming

Need a lift? How about a sweet smile? What would you say to an actual laugh? Our signature selection of light-hearted, smile-inducing, joyful short LGBTQ+ films couldn’t come soon enough after the year we’ve had. Everybody’s welcome to have some FUN IN SHORTS!



Early to Rise: Space Waste

DIRECTOR Alec Cohen | 2020 | USA | 5m

On the way to a distant planet, three less-than-qualified astronauts are awoken 90 years too early and trapped inside their hibernation pods. Alone in the endless void, they can’t kill themselves, they can’t kill each other, so they’ll just have to kill time. Watch Trailer

The Test

DIRECTOR Jessica Smith | 2020 | Australia | 8m

Hoping to take the next big step in their life together, two women await the results of a test that could not only put an end to their plans, but perhaps even their relationship. Watch Trailer

Virgin My Ass (בתול בתחת)

DIRECTOR Adar Sigler | 2020 | Israel | 17m | In Hebrew with English subtitles

Ophir asks Harel for a small favor that might make him feel like a normal gay guy. OK, maybe not that small a favor. During the somewhat ridiculous, somewhat exciting night the two will spend in bed, they will learn a small lesson in intimacy and community.

The Wash (In Love) (Colada)

DIRECTOR Ibon Hernando | 2020 | Spain | 9m

María is in love with her neighbor Susana. She wants to make her fall in love, but she only meets her on the landing, where they tend the laundry. Watch Trailer

Thank You for Being Here

DIRECTOR Elizabeth Archer | 2021 | USA | 12m

Tensions arise between a pair of roommates while awaiting the result of a pregnancy test.

From A to Q

DIRECTOR Emmalie El Fadli | 2021 | UK | 19m

Twenty-two-year-old Alex wakes suddenly from a dream where she’s intimate with Kayla. Only problem is… Kayla happens to be Alex’s best friend since childhood, and Alex has never been with a girl before. Watch Trailer

Coming Out

DIRECTOR Cressa Maeve Beer | 2020 | USA | 2m

This stop-motion animation reminds us that it is everyone’s job, even Godzilla, to protect trans kids. Watch Trailer

How Moving

DIRECTOR Owen Thiele | 2021 | USA | 12m | World Premiere

With some apprehension, Jared (Richard Ellis) flew across the country to move in with his boyfriend, Owen (Owen Thiele). On top of the expected challenges of move-in day, they’re faced with a practical one that puts their relationship to the test. Featuring a lively supporting cast including Luka Sabbat, Bob Balaban, Patty Smyth, and John McEnroe.

Sunday Dinner

DIRECTOR Kevin Mead | 2020 | USA | 14m

After the recent death of their parents, a passionate Italian American family reunites to enjoy their customary Sunday dinner. But one of them has a major confession that threatens to unravel their beloved tradition.

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Ray of Light Theater