Frameline Talk: Youth on Screens

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Television is currently on the forefront of queer representation and identity expression and leading the charge are images of young people. Each generation challenges what is taken for granted by the previous. Currently, through the medium of television, ideas of gender and sexuality are being expanded right in our living rooms. We would love for you to be part of this conversation with creators changing the mainstream through the TV screen.

MODERATOR: Jude Dry, journalist, IndieWire


  • Daniel Barnz, creator, GENERA+ION
  • Javicia Leslie, actor, Batwoman
  • Crystal Moselle, creator, Betty
  • Jordan Seamon, actor, We Are Who We Are

The Frameline Talks series is supported byVariety.

Buying Note: This free digital screening will be available starting at 5:30pm PDT Thu, Jun 17, where it will be broadcast on Frameline’s Facebook and YouTube channels. For access, please reserve a free ticket.