Frameline Talk: Two-Spirit: Indigenous Voices in Queer Cinema

SECTION: Frameline Talks | Free | Streaming

Indigenous filmmakers and storytellers explore the complexities of gender and sexuality as seen in spiritual traditions and creation stories. The term ‘Two-Spirit’ is often used to describe Indigenous people who embody, combine or confound Western gender binary roles and colonial sexual identity norms. This talk will center on creatives exploring the boundaries of gender expression and sexual identity in the context of indigenous tradition, culture, and belief. Panelists will explore the importance of Two-Spirit Native representation on screen that centers an Indigenous point of view. Featuring a chance to reconnect with Sherente, the focus of Frameline45 documentary Being Thunder.

MODERATOR: Miko Thomas (Landa Lakes)


  • Sherente Harris
  • Adrian Stevens-Snyder
  • Sean Stevens-Snyder

The Frameline Talks series is supported by Variety.

Buying Note: This free digital screening will be available starting at 5:30pm PDT Sat, Jun 19, where it will be broadcast on Frameline’s Facebook and YouTube channels. For access, please reserve a free ticket.