Frameline Talk: Humanizing "The Other": Films vs. Hate

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Documentaries and feature films can play both a deliberate and subconscious role in shifting our perceptions of society’s “others”—whether sexual minorities, economic underclass, immigrants, ethnic or racial communities. In the face of growing anti-immigrant, anti-Asian and other xenophobic trends both in the US and abroad, these film representations may be more vital than ever. Join a conversation with Frameline45 filmmakers who have turned their cameras onto stories that address the human cost of discrimination, and the resilience required to shift society’s image of its most vulnerable. Invited participants include film teams from Nico and Instructions for Survival.

MODERATOR: Peter L. Stein, senior programmer


  • Francy Fabritz, writer/cinematographer, Nico
  • Sara Fazilat, writer/producer/actor, Nico
  • Eline Gehring, writer/director, Nico
  • Yana Ugrekhelidze, writer/producer/director, Instructions for Survival
  • David France, d irector, Welcome to Chechnya (Frameline44)

The Frameline Talks series is supported byVariety.

Buying Note: This free digital screening will be available starting at 5:30pm PDT Thu, Jun 24, where it will be broadcast on Frameline’s Facebook and YouTube channels. For access, please reserve a free ticket.