Enby Love

GENRE: Animation | Asian American | Black/African American | Comedy | Coming Out | Discrimination | Drag | Drama | East Asian | Gender | Lesbian | Mental Health | Music/Music Videos | Muslim/Islam | Non-binary | Parenting/Family | Polyamory | Queer | Relationships | Romance | Sexuality | South Asian | Trans Men/Transmasculine | Transgender
SECTION: Shorts | Streaming

Welcome to the genderqueers, genderfluids, and the inbetweens to Frameline’s second annual non-binary shorts program! From roller skating poetry to lockdown-induced fantasies about queer celebrities and freshly baked bread, these films are a reminder that our gender is what we make of it, so let’s live outside the box!


To You My Love

DIRECTOR Olivia Margarita Gastaldo | 2021 | USA | 5m

To You My Love investigates the visual poetry of a love letter. Watch Trailer

Are You Still Watching?

DIRECTORS Alex Cardy, Tali Polichtuk, & Kitty Chrystal | 2021 | Australia | 6m

Fantasy and reality merge as Jamie recounts their erotic encounters to their physician Dr. Holland Taylor, and they receive an unusual diagnosis. Watch Trailer

Little Sky (小天)

DIRECTOR Jess X. Snow | 2021 | USA/Canada | 14m | In English and Chinese with English subtitles | World Premiere

Chinese American pop star and drag sensation Sky (Wo Chan) returns to the city they were raised in to find their estranged immigrant father. Haunted by their childhood memories, Sky risks their non-binary identity to end the cycle of violence in their family.

Imperial (Impériale)

DIRECTOR Coline Confort | 2021 | Switzerland | 22m | In French with English subtitles | North American Premiere

Eva wants to join the hunters of the Imperial Guard, a Napoleonic regiment of historical re-enactment reserved for men. In her quest for romanticism, she hides her identity so that she can set foot in the stirrup, braving a 200-year-old ban. In this world of gunpowder and smoke, Eva discovers herself as she has always dreamed: a handsome soldier at the side of a beautiful princess. Watch Trailer

Of Self-Blessing

DIRECTOR Golden Alexsarah Collier | 2020 | USA | 11m | US Premiere

A dreamy non-binary artist reflects on community, exploration, and embracing the mercurial seasons of self-blessing in the heart of West Philly. Watch Trailer

Sheer Qorma

DIRECTOR Faraz Arif Ansari | 2021 | India | 30m | In Hindi, Urdu, and English with English subtitles | World Premiere

Sheer Qorma is a story of belonging and acceptance, identity, and family, and how it comes together under one roof, as resilient, queer Muslim women of color choose to embrace love that exists beyond their personal beliefs and social moralities. Watch Trailer

Buying Note: This digital screening is available to view between Thu, Jun 17 and Sun, Jun 27. We suggest watching it at 7:30pm PDT Fri, Jun 25.


The Roxie Theater, Gender Spectrum, Parivar Bay Area