GENRE: African Diaspora | Asian American | Bisexual | Comedy | Discrimination | Drama | Gay | Immigration/Exile | Jewish | Latinx | Lesbian | Middle Eastern | Muslim/Islam | Parenting/Family | Queer | Relationships | Romance | Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy | South Asian | Trans Women/Transfeminine | Transgender | Youth (18 & Under)
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Parting isn’t only sweet sorrow; it can be liberating, confusing, mysterious, tender, or dangerous. The characters in these exquisite LGBTQ+ dramas from around the globe all are setting out anew or leaving something behind… but each journey is uniquely thrilling, and singularly fraught.



Marlon Brando

DIRECTOR Vincent Tilanus | 2020 | Netherlands | 20m | In Dutch with English subtitles

Best friends Cas and Naomi are graduating from high school and spend every second of their days together. Within their friendship they experience a feeling of ultimate safety. But when their future plans are seemingly different, their relationship wobbles. Watch Trailer

Who Can Predict What Will Move You

DIRECTOR Livia Huang | 2020 | USA | 9m

Two boys caught in a rivalrous relationship spend one last night together in Brooklyn. Watch Trailer

Freed (Baltringue)

DIRECTOR Josza Anjembe | 2019 | France | 21m | In French with English subtitles

Twenty-year-old Issa (Alassane Diong) is about to get out from jail, when he meets Gaëtan (Yoann Zimmer, Summer of 85) a young inmate who has not served his sentence yet. Nominated for a César (the French equivalent of the Oscars) for Best Short Film. Watch Trailer


DIRECTOR Christopher Manning | 2020 | UK/Palestine | 20m | In Arabic, Hebrew, and English with English subtitles | International Premiere

A young Palestinian woman reunites with her long-lost brother in Tel Aviv, discovering the unimagined truth behind his exiled existence. Starring Ophir Award-winning actress Mouna Hawa, and directed by Christopher Manning ( Isha, Frameline43).


DIRECTOR Arun Fulara | 2020 | India | 10m | In Hindi with English subtitles

When the middle-aged Kamble makes his weekly visit to the neighborhood barber shop, it’s not just for a shave. He can’t wait to be touched by Jaan, the new barber-boy he has a crush on. It’s the highlight of his otherwise dull existence as a married man leading a dual life in a society that abhors homosexuality. Watch Trailer

Unliveable (Inabitável)

DIRECTORS Matheus Farias & Enock Carvalho | 2020 | Brazil | 20m | In Portuguese with English subtitles

In Brazil where a trans person is murdered every three days, Marilene searches for her daughter Roberta, a trans woman who went missing. While running out of time, she discovers a hope for the future. Watch Trailer

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