Boy Meets Boy

Director: Daniel Sánchez López
2021 | Germany | 71m
GENRE: Black/African American | Dance | Drama | Romance
SECTION: Closed Captioned | Narrative Features | Streaming


Set in one memorable day during an unexpected brief romance in Berlin, Boy Meets Boy is a love letter to everything that can happen between two strangers. For Johannes, white and German, and Harry, Black and British, a shared kiss in a nightclub leads to a day spent ambling through the urban landscape. Their immediate intimacy and undeniable chemistry unfold against the ticking clock: Harry is leaving Berlin in a few hours. First-time director Daniel Sánchez López shoots his handsome leads with documentary precision, detailing the gestures, glances, and verbal jousting that add up to love at first sight.

Like Weekend and Before Sunrise, Boy Meets Boy captures the timeless feeling of the heart opening up to someone new. Harry and Johannes are old enough to be stuck in unshakable habits, but young enough to grapple in earnest with big-picture questions of love, religion, monogamy, and their life’s purpose. Boy Meets Boy lures you in with emotional honesty and leaves you hoping this love will last forever.



It's Just in My Head (È solo nella mia testa)

DIRECTOR Marius Gabriel Stancu | 2020 | Italy | 17m | In Italian with English subtitles

Friends since childhood, Andreas and Alessandro have spent their summers together for as long as they can remember. Will this be the year Alessandro finally notices the way Andreas feels about him, or will they part ways at the end of summer as always? Watch Trailer

Buying Note: This digital screening is available to view between Thu, Jun 17 and Sun, Jun 27. We suggest watching it at 6:00pm PDT Fri, Jun 18.


German Film Office

SF LGBT Center

  • Language: English and German with English subtitles