Bi Candy

GENRE: AIDS/HIV | Bisexual | Comedy | Coming Out | Drama | Gay | Latinx | Lesbian | Middle Eastern | Musical | Relationships | Sexuality | Theatre/Performance Art
SECTION: Shorts | Streaming

Come ride this bi-fabulous, pan-tastic rollercoaster of seduction, unlikely matches, and relatable misses. Explore self-emancipation in the face of adversity, nerdy tween fantasies coming to life, a Hitchcock-esque meetcute in Estonia, and even a COVID/Zoom musical. Curated by Allegra and April Hirschman.



DIRECTOR Matt Porter | 2020 | USA | 16m

Charles explores the gray areas of his own sexuality after going through an unexpected breakup. Starring Charles Gould ( Bonding, Frameline42), Charles Rogers ( Search Party; Men Don’t Whisper, Frameline42), and Brianna Baker ( Suicide Kale, Frameline40). Watch Trailer

Two Men by the Sea (Dois Homens ao Mar)

DIRECTOR Gabriel Motta | 2020 | Brazil | 17m | In English, Estonian, and Portuguese with English subtitles | International Premiere

After leaving Brazil, César (writer-director Gabriel Motta) meets Martin (Mauri Liiv) at an empty cafe in Tallinn, Estonia. In front of them, the uncertain infinity of the sea. Watch Trailer

Hugo: 6:30 (Hugo : 18h30)

DIRECTORS Simon Helloco & James MacIver | 2020 | France | 13m | In French with English subtitles | North American Premiere

Hugo (Julien Branellec), a young actor, is asked to improvise narrating a story where he’s the actor and director at an audition. He unfolds a tale that explores sex, disease, and self-emancipation. Watch Trailer

Someone Else

DIRECTOR Luke McCarthy | 2021 | Australia | 17m | World Premiere

Katie (Shamita Sivabalan) is a young, confidently queer woman. After finding herself attracted to a man for the first time in her life, she must decide whether the complicated nature of the relationship is worth pursuing.

COVID: The Musical

DIRECTORS April Hirschman & Lynn Gardiner | 2021 | USA | 4m | World Premiere

Three strangers meet on Craigslist and become roommates just as lockdown starts. They struggle with loneliness, loss, and the desire for connection against the backdrop of the pandemic.


DIRECTOR Yassin Koptan | 2020 | USA/Egypt | 15m

After six years of being in a long-distance relationship, Sandra (Kayla Eva) travels to the Middle East to see her girlfriend and ask her the big question. Watch Trailer

Buying Note: This digital screening is available to view between Thu, Jun 17 and Sun, Jun 27. We suggest watching it at 7:30pm PDT Thu, Jun 24.

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