Betty: Season 2, Episodes 1-3

Director: Crystal Moselle
2021 | USA | 85m
GENRE: Drama | Latinx | Lesbian | Queer
SECTION: Closed Captioned | Episodic | Streaming


Based on creator Crystal Moselle’s 2018 Sundance hit Skate Kitchen (Frameline42), Betty will return to HBO for a second season in June. The series follows five young women on journeys of self-discovery against the backdrop of New York City’s male-dominated skateboarding scene. Betty will also be available to stream on HBO Max.

As Kirt (Nina Moran), Janay (Dede Lovelace), Honeybear (Moonbear), Camille (Rachelle Vinberg), and Indigo (Ajani Russell) cross the threshold to womanhood, they unite to protect and empower their skate community, fearlessly mining the nuances of their identities and embracing their differences along the way. Independent, strong-willed, and discerning, these women are brought together by skateboarding—but their bond goes far beyond the sport.

In season two, our five protagonists are stepping firmly into womanhood and tackling all the challenges it brings. As they navigate the pressures of adulthood, their male counterparts start to step up, step in, and become true allies, forming a united front for the greater good. Set in the last chapter of 2020, the season captures the late summer and early fall COVID-19 months in New York City, where masks and outside activities are the norm.

Buying Note: This digital screening is available to view between Thu, Jun 17 and Sun, Jun 27. We suggest watching it at 7:00pm PDT Thu, Jun 17. Be sure to also check out the related Frameline Talk " Youth on Screens."


The Roxie Theater, WayOUT LGBT Foundation