Through the Glass Darkly

Director: Lauren Fash
2020 | USA | 103m
GENRE: Aging/Elders | Black/African American | Drama | Lesbian | Mental Health | Mystery/Thriller
SECTION: Centerpiece | Famous Faces | Live Q&A's | US Feature
Expected Guests: Features Q&A with director Lauren Fash, co-writer and producer Susan Graham, actor Robyn Lively, and actor Shanola Hampton.

The sleepy hamlet of Elrod, Georgia—a mysterious town where girls have a habit of vanishing—is the setting of director Lauren Fash’s tense, psychological thriller. Since the sudden disappearance of her daughter a year ago, Charlie (Robyn Lively of both Teen Witch and Twin Peaks fame) has never given up hope, still plastering telephone poles with "Missing" signs. But at home, the relationship with her partner Angela (Ozark’s Bethany Anne Lind) has become increasingly frayed, and her only solace is a drink at the local bar. When another girl goes missing, Charlie sets out to find answers, digging deeper into the community’s dark past and being forced to confront her own destructive secrets.

Fash’s impressive thriller smartly uses genre trappings to explore the inner workings of its heroine as she struggles to cope with reality. With a rich supporting cast which includes Shanola Hampton (Shameless) and Michael Trucco (Battlestar Galactica), Through the Glass Darkly rests confidently on Robyn Lively’s complex, nuanced lead performance, which adds an emotional depth to its intriguing mysteries.


Buying Note: This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am Thursday, September 17 and 11:59pm Sunday, September 27. We suggest watching it at 6:30pm Saturday, September 19 followed by the Q&A.


Another Hole in the Head, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Peaches Christ Productions

  • Premiere Status: World