Enby Love: Non-Binary Shorts

GENRE: Comedy | Drama | Gender | Music/Music Videos | Non-binary | Queer | Sports | Transgender
SECTION: Documentary Features | Episodic | Shorts

Welcome the genderqueers, genderfluids, and the inbetweens to Frameline’s first non-binary shorts program! Featuring claymation, an office lottery pool gone wrong, a trans national fencing team, an androgynous queer utopia, an impromptu lesson in gender-neutral pronouns at the gynecologist, a trans/NB backpacking trip, and growing mermaid scales, these films are a reminder that we all define our non-binary genders—and therefore our lives—for ourselves.


These films contain instances of transphobia, ignorant language, bullying, and misgendering.



DIRECTOR Lily Ash Sakula | 2019 | UK | 5m

This mix-media animation about moving though the world when your gender doesn’t conform to the binary explores the tension between being looked at and being seen, through a day in the life of Jig. A collaboration with the young people of Project Indigo, a queer youth group based in Hackney.

2 Dollars

DIRECTOR Robin Cloud | 2020 | USA | 14m

Syd is a Black, queer, masculine of center artist working a soul-sucking office job to pay the bills. Syd’s coworkers are ignorant, their boss is a performative #bosslady feminist, and they just got slammed with more work and no raise. So when a lottery loving coworker convinces them to enter yet another office pool, Syd cashes in on leaving the office life a little too soon.

Parry Riposte

DIRECTOR Goldie Micomonaco | 2020 | Canada | 16m

The trans-national fencing team arrives to practice to find their studio destroyed. They must fix the studio, go to competition, and process their trauma—all while trying to make space for themselves in the sport of fencing.

Cousin John - The Arrival

DIRECTOR Tom C J Brown | 2019 | USA | 4m

While Cousin John is away in the City, the residents of The Carrington House Hotel in upstate New York yearn for his return in this film posing as a music video.

These Thems: Episode 1

DIRECTOR Jett Garrison | 2019 | USA | 9m

In Episode 1 of These Thems, a queer comedy series that dives head first into the NYC lesbian/GNC scene, an impromptu lesson in gender-neutral pronouns comes about during a trip to the gynecologist.

Venture Out

DIRECTORS Jamie DiNicola, Palmer Morse, & Matt Mikkelsen | 2020 | USA | 15m

Venture Out is a story of overcoming odds, the power of resilience, and ultimately, the ever-lasting effects of LGBTQ+ community building. In sharing Perry Cohen’s story, we get a glimpse into the healing qualities of nature and life-saving community bonds that are being forged as a result of Cohen’s work with The Venture Out Project, a nonprofit that brings LGBTQ+ people together outdoors on wilderness trips.

My Brother Is a Mermaid

DIRECTOR Alfie Dale | 2019 | UK | 20m

My Brother Is a Mermaid is a social realist fairytale about a trans-feminine teenager, as seen through the eyes of their 7-year-old brother. Set in a desolate and prejudiced coastal town, the film examines how a child’s unconditional love can be a powerful and disruptive force for good.

Buying Note:  This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am Thursday, September 17 and 11:59pm Sunday, September 27. We suggest watching it at 8:30pm Wednesday, September 23. There is no Q&A.

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The Tenderloin Museum, The Sacramento LGBTQ Community Center