Animation Shorts

GENRE: AIDS/HIV | Animation | Documentary | Drama | Gay | Lesbian | Musical | Queer | Romance | Transgender

This year’s animation package features the best from around the world, including films that premiered at the Tribeca, Berlinale, and Locarno Film Festivals. We will take you through a young loner’s melodic and mystical urban journey, intimate and cross-generational conversations of vulnerability and shame, stories of legendary transgender spirits imbued in healing stones, buoyant scenes of voguing, and memorable live concert moments.



Genius Loci

DIRECTOR Adrien Mérigeau | 2020 | France | 16m | In French with English subtitles

There is chaos everywhere: in her head and outside, in the big city. Things are taking on a life of their own. Young Reine is on the search, but she does not know what she is looking for. In delicate drawings and fluid animations, we see the world through her eyes and her perception becomes tangible.


DIRECTOR Alexandre Siqueira | 2019 | Portugal, France, Belgium | 14m | In English, French, and Portuguese with English subtitles

Oscar is a child who sprouts in his parents’ garden. Nobody knows his biological sex but he claims the masculine gender. One day Oscar lives an extraordinary but painful adventure in an authoritarian and oppressive world. Will he manage to have the identity recognition he desires so much?

The Shawl

DIRECTOR Sara Kiener | 2020 | USA | 7m

An animated short film starring real-life lovers Shane O’Neill and Dusty Lynn Childers, who recount how their long-distance romance blossomed with the help of Stevie Nicks’ lip-synch videos.

Flesh (Carne)

DIRECTOR Camila Kater | 2019 | Brazil, Spain | 12m | In Portuguese with English subtitles

Rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. Through intimate and personal stories, five women share their experiences in relation to the body, from childhood to old age.

House of [AS]

DIRECTOR Leah Shore | 2019 | USA | 1m

An homage to BALL/Vogue made for Adult Swim.


DIRECTOR Danski Tang | 2019 | USA, China | 7m | In Mandarin with English subtitles

An animated documentary exploring how a mother’s abusive relationship shaped the director’s own experiences in boarding school.


DIRECTORS Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson, & Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu | 2020 | USA | 8m | In Hawaiian with English subtitles

Legend tells us that long ago four spirits came to Hawaii and healed the people. Now all that remains are the stones, and the spirits if we remember them. From the makers of Leitis in Waiting (Frameline42) and Kuma Hina (Frameline38).

I Bleed (Sangro)

DIRECTORS Tiago Minamisawa, Bruno H. Castro, & Guto BR | 2019 | Brazil | 7m | In Portuguese with English subtitles

Inspired by a true story, I Bleed—winner of the Silver Hugo for Best Animated Short at the Chicago International Film Festival—is the intimate confession of a person living with HIV. Whirlwind of emotions. The first sensations. An animation film which tries to demystify issues that, to this day, persist in society’s imagination about the virus.

Cwch Deilen

DIRECTOR Efa Blosse-Mason | 2020 | UK | 8m | In Welsh with English subtitles

Learning to love someone can be scary, but it can also lead to the most marvelous adventure. With a striking illustrative style, writer-director Efa Blosse-Mason tells the story of Heledd and Celyn who navigate the undiscovered and murky waters of entering a new relationship.

Buying Note: This digital screening is available to view between 12:01am Thursday, September 17 and 11:59pm Sunday, September 27. We suggest watching it at 11:00am Saturday, September 19. There is no Q&A.


Roxie Theater, The Bay Area Video Coalition