Frameline44 Awards

Frameline43 Best Documentary Jury Award Winner: Vision Portraits, dir. Rodney Evans (center)

Frameline44 will recognize special achievements among our films with both audience and juried awards; winners will be announced at the conclusion of the festival in late September. This year’s awards include:


Frameline44 is proud to present AT&T Audience Awards for Best Feature, Best Documentary and Best Short. Every ticket holder to an online screening may cast a vote at the conclusion of streaming eligible films by using the star-based rating system in Frameline’s Digital Screening Room. Winners of Frameline44’s AT&T Audience Awards will be announced on September 30.


Frameline is partnering with the San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle to celebrate the achievement and artistry of a first-time feature filmmaker at Frameline44. Award winners are selected by members of the San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle. The winners will be announced at Frameline44’s Virtual Gala and Live Auction on Sat. September 26, 6:00pm. Eligible first features at Frameline44 include the following films: