West Wind Solano Drive-In

The West Wind Solano Drive-In was one of the first drive-in theatres to embrace technology with the installation of the largest digital projectors available. Now all West Wind Drive-Ins project a crystal-clear digital image on screens so big they dwarf the ones you’ll find in a typical walk-in theatre, and beam audio straight to your car stereo. Gone are the days of dim screens and the old “squawk boxes” that hung on your car door. Join us for a very QUEER night at the drive-in for Frameline44! Get your tickets to Shit & Champagne here!


  • People must stay in their cars at all times except to visit the restroom. 

  • You must wear a face covering when leaving your car for any reason. 

  • You may not park your vehicle within ten feet of another vehicle. 

  • Limited number of people in the restroom at a time except adult with child. 

  • Customers who do not follow the rules will be asked to leave. 


Will concessions be opened? Yes 

Can I bring in outside food? Yes 

Are there ADA parking spots? Yes 

How are cars placed? It is first come first serve.  We will try out best to place large cars in the back and small cars in the front upon entry.  

Is the playground opened? No 

Are there ADA bathrooms? Yes 

How often are the bathrooms cleaned? Every 30 minutes.  

Can I purchase a ticket at the drive-in? No, all tickets will be sold online. 

Can I attend this screening without a car? No, you must have a car in order to attend screening. Due to Covid-19 we are restricted to in car viewing only. 



Entering: Doors open at 5:30pm. It is first come first serve. We do our best to place large cars towards the back. Ticket barcode must be displayed on windshield or phone upon entering. 

ExitingAfter the film cars are to follow traffic attendants and exit row by row. If you need to leave early please find an attendant to escort you out safely.  

The West Wind Drive-In, hosting Shit & Champagne, is an accessible venue.   
The bathrooms are ADA applicant. 
There are flat parking spots available.