Welcome to Frameline44! If you are unsure how a virtual event works, you don't have to worry. We’ve answered all your virtual festival quandaries here! In brief: all films screen digitally, and most are available for all 11 days. But to promote togetherness, we recommend following the suggested schedule and joining us for the Q&A sessions following the films. 

Festival FAQ’S 

Is Frameline44 restricted to California? 
With the shift to online, Frameline had to create new digital agreements with filmmakers and distributors, and those agreements included limiting Frameline44 online streaming access to California. Streaming is geo-blocked to California, and tickets are available only to patrons with billing ZIP codes in California.

Do I have to watch an online screening at the listed start time?  
Your online ticket or pass allows you access to screen the film program at any time* during the Frameline44 Festival (September 17 - 27). Access stops at midnight on September 27. However, the listed program time is when any live post-film Q&A’s, and other unique non-film programming will take place, so we are encouraging everybody to watch “live” together and participate in the pre-and post-film offerings, just like in the cinema.  

* Two of Us can only be viewed between 7:00pm Friday, September 25 and 11:59pm Sunday, September 27.  

* Transhood can only be viewed between 12:01am Wednesday, September 23 and 11:59pm Sunday, September 27.

I don’t have a pass. Do I need a ticket for online screenings? 
Yes. Even if a screening is free, you will need to reserve a free ticket online to access the screening. 

How do I get a ticket? 

  • Choose a film and click the Buy Tickets button.  
  • If you are a member, sign in before selecting a ticket to reveal member benefit pricing. If you have a discount or comp code, enter it in the Know a Promotion Code box before selecting a ticket to reveal the discount or comp price. 
  • Select a ticket at the price that applies to you. Click Add to Cart. 
  • Proceed to Checkout from the Cart. 
  • If not a member, sign into an existing account or create one. 
  • Finalize the transaction, even if there is no payment required.  
  • After the transaction has been finalized you will be emailed a confirmation email instantly with a link to watch the film during the allowed time frame and any details specific to the screening. 

How do I watch an online screening I got a ticket for? 
Each ticket purchased will generate it's own unique link to view the film. The link to view the film is delivered in the confirmation email sent after purchase. The confirmation email will also have specific information as to when the film can be watched. 

I got a ticket but didn’t get a confirmation email. 
Check the junk, spam, and/or promotions folder of your inbox. Sometimes the confirmation emails are filtered to those folders instead of the main inbox. 

Still can’t find my confirmation email. 
Contact the box office at for assistance. 

Why can I only add 1 ticket per show to my cart? 
Because, in most instances, you will only need 1 ticket. If watching online, you are purchasing 1 ticket per location the film is being viewed at. So, if 2 people are watching a film together at the same location, only 1 ticket is needed. 

I’m a member, but can only access 1 ticket at the member discount or voucher price per show. 
The benefits will refresh when you return to buy a ticket for other shows or even the same show. For example, if you are entitled to 2 tickets at the discounted price per show, you can place 2 separate orders for 1 ticket each to the same show, and you will be able to get the discounted price for both. 

How do I purchase a ticket as a gift? 
The best way to purchase tickets as a gift is to place a separate order for the gift recipient. You can then forward the confirmation email for the gift order to the recipient, which they can use to view the film. 

Are drive-in screenings ticketed per car or per person? 
Per car. So, if 4 people are attending in 1 car, 1 ticket is needed. If 4 people are attending in 4 cars, 4 tickets are needed.  

How do I watch a Q&A for a film?  
Pre-recorded Q&A’s will play automatically at the conclusion of the film’s credits. To watch live Q&A’s, a clickable link will appear on the streaming platform after the film has concluded its screening at the recommended viewing time. You can also watch the live Q&A’s on Frameline’s YouTube or Facebook page, and these will be archived to watch at anytime after. 

Can I stop and start while watching? 
Yes, you can stop and start a screening, as long as you are within the timeframe it is available for viewing. 

Can online screenings sell out? 
They may. Just as with our in-cinema screenings, there are often capacity limits, established by film distributors and producers, that we are obliged to adhere to. So getting your tickets early (a member benefit!) or a pass is a good idea. 

Is there a rush line of sold out screenings? 
No. There are no rush lines for online screenings. 

If I have a pass, am I guaranteed an online ticket to a screening?   
With a Gold Pass or a Platinum Pass you are guaranteed access to any online film, within the timeframe it is available for viewing. 
With a Castro Pass, certain films are not included, and separate tickets would need to be purchased to view these films: Alice JúniorMonsoonShit & ChampagneShiva BabyThe Obituary of Tunde JohnsonThrough the Glass Darkly, Transhood and Two of Us.

Voting and Audience Awards - How do I vote for a film?
You can vote on our streaming platform by using the star-based rating on the film. Make sure to vote for our Audience Award. Winners announced September 30.

Learn about Festival Accessibility here.

I still have questions! 
Contact the box office at or 415-552-5580 Monday through Friday 10 AM until 5 PM. During the event the box office will have extended hours covering the weekend and evenings.  

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