You Don't Nomi

Director: Jeffrey McHale
2019 | USA | 91m
Expected Guests: Director Jeffrey McHale, Subject Peaches Christ, Producer Ariana Garfinkel

Put on your finest Versayce and join us for an enlightening, hilarious, and highly entertaining examination of one of Hollywood’s most notorious films, Showgirls. After the wild success of Basic Instinct, MGM reteamed its director Paul Verhoeven and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas for a $40 million, NC-17-rated erotic melodrama set in Las Vegas. Upon its release in 1995, Showgirls was maligned by critics and audiences alike, even receiving the dubious award for Worst Picture of the Decade from the Razzies. But since then, Showgirls has received critical reassessment and found new life, especially in the gay community, as a midnight movie.

Is Showgirls a misunderstood masterwork, misogynist trash, unintentional camp, or somehow a combination of all three? No matter where you fall in the debate, You Don’t Nomi offers an array of insight and wit as it highlights the divergent views on the film alongside archival interviews with Verhoeven and stars Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle Maclachlan, and Gina Gershon. Local icon Peaches Christ joins a collection of critics, writers, and fans for this sensational tribute to one of San Francisco’s favorite movies.

This screening of You Don’t Nomi will be hosted by the one and only Peaches Christ.



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