Vision Portraits

Director: Rodney Evans
2019 | USA, Germany, Canada | 78m
Expected Guests: Director Rodney Evans

Vision Portraits is a vivid and hypnotic exploration by filmmaker Rodney Evans (Brother to Brother, Frameline28) illuminating the compelling stories of four visually impaired artists—photographer John Dugdale, dancer Kayla Hamilton, writer Ryan Knighton, and the filmmaker himself—paralleling the journey of these artists with his own personal and artistic journey through gradual loss of vision. Evans’ self-reflexive approach empathizes with the ways in which each artist has been impacted by their diagnosis and how they have creatively thrived as their artistic process adapts and evolves with their new perspective.

Evans (this year's Frameline Award recipient) uses his personal journey to give the audience intimate access to each artist in the film, allowing our perception of the world to shift to the space occupied by these innovative and daring pioneers. Vision Portraits elevates the idea of vision into a collaborative process of the heart, the mind, and the imagination, illustrating how blindness itself creates a captivating point of view.


Vision Portraits is a recipient of a Frameline Completion Fund Grant.



  • Premiere Status: West Coast