Troubled Sanctuary: LGBTQ+ Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Immigrants in the US

Oppressive regimes and homophobic cultures around the world have brought forth new waves of LGBTQ+ refugees and immigrants (both documented and not), many of them seeking asylum in the Bay Area, with its long history of queer and progressive activism. But they are arriving in an America whose own attitudes toward sanctuary and immigration are polarized—a situation brilliantly documented in two of Frameline43’s most powerful films: Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America and The Infiltrators. Join us for an extended discussion with LGBTQ+ immigrants and advocates on the current plight facing queer people seeking safe haven.

The discussion will take place immediately following the screening of Unsettled—entry to the discussion is free to the public, though the preceding documentary itself is a ticketed screening.

Tom Shepard: Producer/Director, Unsettled
Cheyenne Adriano, Junior Mayema, Subhi Nahas, Mari N’timansieme: Film subjects, Unsettled
Mohammad Abdollahi: Film Subject, The Infiltrators
Amy Weiss: Director of Refugee & Immigrant Services, JFCS East Bay