Transtastic has something for everyone, featuring groundbreaking cinema from Georgia, an award winner from Pakistan, and a fantastic Australian hair documentary. From the USA, you’ll find a local music video filmed in and around The Stud, a coming out comedy, the start of a romance, and an epic sci-fi tale.



DIRECTOR Hammad Rizvi | 2018 | Pakistan, USA | 15m

A poor and socially outcast transgender woman from Pakistan sets out to take care of an abandoned baby in this award-winning short film.

Desperately Seeking Shavers

DIRECTOR Emmett Aldred | 2018 | Australia | 6m

This insightful documentary shines a light on gender and identity through its candid look at the way trans and gender-diverse people express and actualize their identity through facial hair.

Prisoner of Society

DIRECTOR Rati Tsiteladze | 2018 | Georgia | 15m

Within the strict and repressive atmosphere of Georgian society, we meet a young transgender woman trapped between her personal desire for freedom and the traditional expectations imposed upon her by family.

Tell-By Date

DIRECTOR Sarah Ball | 2019 | USA, UK | 14m

Ryan has something important to tell his seven-year-old son, but an unexpected revelation about his own father forces him to confront his past before he can move forward.

Here with You

DIRECTOR Nona Schamus | 2019 | USA | 7m

May meets a boy at a party who piques her interest. She invites him over to hang only to realize that they have more in common than she thought. This film was produced with an entirely trans cast and crew and offers a look at a healthy romantic relationship between two trans individuals.


DIRECTOR Lorin Murphy | 2018 | USA | 4m

This fabulous music video for the song “Homosafe” by The Homobiles is shot in and around The Stud and features queer hero Lynnee Breedlove.


DIRECTOR Audrey Rosenberg | 2019 | USA | 22m

A queer teenager (Rhys Fehrenbacher of They, Frameline42) struggling with the onset of puberty discovers a living cave that presents them with a new skin and a chance to explore their identity.