This Is Not Berlin

Esto no es BerlĂ­n

Director: Hari Sama
2019 | Mexico | 105m


When after school brawls, trips to the arcade, and dirty magazine trading start to lose their luster, best friends Carlos (Xabiani Ponce de León) and Gera (José Antonio Toledano) convince Gera’s feminist/anarchist older sister Rita (Ximena Roma) to let them tag along to her synth band’s next show. The underground gay club where she performs provides the gateway to an enticing world of illicit drugs, naked art protests, pansexual experimentation, and queer revelations.

While the country prepares to host the World Cup, the two friends forge their own divergent paths as they search for liberation from their middle-class existence within Mexico City’s hedonistic punk and art scene circa 1986. Also starring Fernando Álvarez Rebeil (I Dream in Another Language, Frameline41) and Oscar nominee Marina de Tavira (Roma), Hari Sama’s Sundance Film Festival stunner features an exceptional cast of newcomers and an electric post-punk/new wave soundtrack that brings this vivid, arresting time capsule to life.


Territory Studio


  • Language: In Spanish with English subtitles
  • Premiere Status: Bay Area