The Filth

Director: Jamie G. Holt
2019 | USA | 133m
Expected Guests: Director Jamie G. Holt, Writer/Actor Paige Hoffman, Writer Cara Fano, Actor Jake Delaney, Producers David Aguilar and Harvey Guillen


Max and Stella are two queer best friends trying to build a life in Los Angeles while navigating their equal parts ridiculous, hilarious, and endearing existence in this charming series from filmmaker Jamie Holt. Joined by their motley crew of friends, the pair muddles through their lives in entertaining fashion.

With an uncanny resemblance to Molly Ringwald, Stella is a bisexual plumber by day and go-go dancer by night. She spends her time dealing with misogynistic clients, a family that doesn’t get her, and debilitating anxiety which results in a bad case of commitment woes. Her best friend Max’s career situation includes a lot of babysitting and a severely underdeveloped acting career. In his defense, he frequently is distracted by his unrequited love for his questionably straight roommate Danny.

These besties weather the storms together and things start shifting. Max attempts to further his career and find more attainable men with occasionally comical results, while Stella starts a relationship with Jocelyn, a fellow go-go dancer. Will they find happiness and success? That’s the question in this enjoyable series about the pitfalls of adulting.


Weaver’s Coffee & Tea

  • Premiere Status: US