The Daughters of Fire

Las hijas del fuego

Director: Albertina Carri
2018 | Argentina | 115m


An inventive and erotic sexual odyssey, Argentinian director Albertina Carri’s (Barbie Can Also Be Sad, Frameline26) award-winning The Daughters of Fire is a one-of-a-kind queer experience centering on this rebellious band having sex at every turn. One part road trip movie, one part poetic expedition, one part pornographic adventure, this free-flowing film begins with Viole and Agustina, a long-term polyamorous couple who happen upon a brash third during a bar fight with homophobes. Traveling across Argentinian Patagonia, the trio hits the road, gleefully fucking each other along the way and picking up others until there’s a van chock full of queer lovers having kinky sex and wreaking havoc—particularly when it comes to teaching a lesson to horrendous men.

Culminating in an orgy with a dozen participants pleasuring each other with whips, chains, and Saran wrap bondage, this sizzler is a one-of-a-kind adventure of women’s sexuality against the backdrop of the stiff mountains and throbbing oceans of Argentina’s landscape.


This film contains sexually explicit material.

  • Language: In Spanish with English subtitles
  • Premiere Status: West Coast