Second Star on the Right

Segunda estrella a la derecha

Director: Ruth Caudeli
2019 | Colombia | 84m
Expected Guests: Director Ruth Caudeli, Writer/Actor Silvia VarĂ³n, Producer Sara Larrota


Living her life through Britney Spears references, shots of whatever alcohol is closest, and late-night hook-ups, 35-year-old Emilia is resistant to change. But despite her resistance, she is surrounded by change: her friends are getting married and having kids; her professional life is no longer compatible with her partying; and the people around her are becoming less patient every day. Silvia Varón delivers a brutally honest performance as the free-spirited Emilia, a bisexual aspiring actress who will get her life together “any day now.” One day, when she is a famous actress, she will move out of her mother’s house, she will commit to her girlfriend, and she may even survive brunch with her friends without feeling judged and pitied.

Beautifully shot in both black-and-white and color, the sophomore feature from Ruth Caudeli (Eva and Candela) poses several questions: How do you grow up without losing yourself? Can you gain responsibilities without sacrificing your freedom? And does every decision have to carry the weight of being a life-defining one? Perhaps true growth lies in the asking, not the answering.


48 Hills

The San Francisco Dyke March

  • Language: In Spanish with English subtitles. ASL Interpreter present.
  • Premiere Status: West Coast