Queer That Script! How Fandom Is Shaping Television

The Frameline43 documentary Queering the Script reveals the ways that television’s representation of queer women has changed over time, and how the growing interactions between show creators and their LGBTQ+ viewers and fans are influencing the shows themselves. As television strives to be more inclusive, fans are proving themselves the x-factor in the conversation: pushing for representation that embraces a wider array of queer female and non-binary folks, granting queer characters agency, and giving them space to develop within the narrative. Please join us for a conversation with television makers, critics, writers, and performers as we survey the changing landscape of TV representation of queer woman and non-binary people and the crucial role viewers play in shaping it.

The discussion will take place immediately following the screening of Queering the Script—entry to the discussion is free to the public, though the preceding documentary itself is a ticketed screening.

Gabrielle Zilkha: Director, Queering the Script
Steph Ouaknine: Producer, Queering the Script
Angelica Ross: Subject, Queering the Script
Jude Dry: Journalist, IndieWire